To think of 10 things that are true and are interesting to read is not a easy thing to do. But after a long period of thinking, I have thought of these 10;
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1. Sometimes, you've just got to think out of the box. Trying to think of a creative idea is hard, but it gets easier if you broaden your perspective.

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2. Getting stuck for a topic to write about? Try looking at the world around you. You never know what might pop up and inspire you!

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3. You may have heard this a million times, but I still want to highlight it. Practice makes perfect, there's nothing more to it. With determination and passion, you can go far.

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4. Always look on the bright side of things. Everything has a bad and good side to it, it's just how you perceive at it.

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5. If you want people to be nice to you, be a good friend yourself. There is nothing more sad than to have friends neglect you.

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6. Always start the day with a clear mind, and have a hearty breakfast to power you through the day. It feels better too!

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7. Have a day out with your family. It's worth it, as you get to know them better and at the same time, have a great experience!

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8. Keep a clear space for homework or other similar tasks. You will find this way there are less distractions and getting the work done is much easier!

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9. Don't get overwhelmed by technology, spend some time to go out and play! Sports are also good for you!

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10. Don't sleep too late! You need plenty of rest for the next day, especially if you have school the next day!

14/4/2011 12:28:44 am

I am impressed with the true things which you are believed in.
Particularly, the good and bad side of everything, it depends on your perception.
Also, we shall always try to be a good friend and nice to others ....
And family bonding is very important in life !

Kees Smits
14/4/2011 02:52:15 am

Hi Mari,

Your 10 items are very inspiring!
Indeed, all things can be perceived in different ways.
Keep up your good work!

Yee yee
14/4/2011 08:49:26 am

Hi Mari,

I hope school re-start was fine.

I am really impressed with your 10 true things! Let me see...which are the ones i like most..."Look on the bright side of things", "Be a good friend", "Have a day out with your family" (i really miss spending time with you since i live in Perth now!!! Well, we will catch up when i am back OK?).

Hope you have a lovely weekend and missing you lots,
yee yee


Mrs B
14/4/2011 09:14:45 am

Marius, what a neat list of 10 truths. I can see many of these things seem to be your personal philosophy of life; staying organised, working hard, having fun with your family/friends and having a positive attitude. Thanks for your post :-)

Victoria. B
14/4/2011 10:35:29 pm

I really like the fact that you used very nice images. I also like the layout of this post!


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