Every year, each grade in my school has to put up a performance (except Grade 5, because they have an exhibition to put up) for the parents as part of their curriculum. But this year, the Grade 6's decided to take on a challenge to put up a full on Broadway Jr. musical! In case you have not heard of Broadway Jr., they are a company that makes normal broadway musicals into shorter and easier plays for younger students to put up. They have many musicals to choose from, but my teachers have decided on the heartwarming musical "Once on This Island". I am most likely going to take the role of the backstage crew. My area of interest is the technical part of it, but I am fine with doing other areas as well.
Image by Peter Watson Scenic
This particular drama production pulls together the feelings of sadness, love, as well as happy moments. The main character's name is Ti Moune (the girl to the right of the picture). She is a peasant girl who was saved by the gods from a big flood and sent on a journey that would test the strength of love, and stand against the power of death. The touching thing about this musical is that Ti Moune gives up her life to save the life of her loved one, Daniel (the boy to the left of the picture), a rich boy, who's car crashed because of a strong storm. The story is a Caribbean adaption of the well-known fairy tale "The Little Mermaid". I hope that we will be able to put on a good show and have fun moments along the way as well!
Yee yee
14/5/2011 11:36:26 am

Hi Mari,

This is a brave undertaking of the Gr6s! Indeed, I haven't heard of Braodway Jr. before. So when is the performance going to happen? I am sure you are going to enjoy it with lots of things to learn and experience.

Have fun! Wishing you all success :-)

Kees Smits
14/5/2011 10:45:31 pm

hi Mari,

sounds great to have such a lively musical.
I have listened to some of t.he music and it will be a nice chalenge.
as you have already played a major part in the Chinese performance it will be fun to experience the supporting part behind the screens.
please let us know when you know your part back stage



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