As I said in my earlier post, we have been looking at the concept of poetry in school. I have picked one more shorter poem that I have written to share with you.
Doll in the Breezes

I am orange and yellow with brown high heels,

dancing as gracefully as a flamingo in the soft breezes.

To the sounds of the fan and gentle hums of the

I overlook my friends hanging overhead,

and students eating and talking like inquisitive parrots.

I also smell the kitchen all day,

thinking what they are cooking.

Hoping I can steal a bite.

I was inspired to write this one from the current grade 5 arts display around my school. They created dolls out of paper-mache with different characteristics and this particular one caught my eye. Also, we have been working on "Kinetic Typography" projects. This is where we animate our poetry. I am currently working on animating my "What a Poem is Not" poem, and hope to share it with you soon. But just to give you and idea what Kinetic Typography is all about, here's a funny short video showed to me by my ICT teacher that is done in the style of Kinetic Typography:

I don't think that I will get to that standard of animation yet, because that video would have taken a long time to make! But I am enjoying this challenge and hope to finish it soon!
Kees Smits
28/4/2011 01:45:08 am

Hi Mari,

Maybe you should have acted as Li Bai in the performance!
I can see that you enjoy poetry a lot.
Unfortunately I could not see the kinetic typography.

Yee yee
28/4/2011 08:09:16 am

Hi Mari,

Another of your creation!! Haha...this doll get to smell the kitchen all day, how privilege right :-)

The You tube video is funny! I look forward to seeing your animation for "What a poem is not". I bet you are enjoying the process. Till then, have a nice day!

29/4/2011 09:33:48 am

理智,我非常欣赏以拟人化的手法写的短文和诗句. 它让人看后感到无比的温馨和安慰.

I appreciate the anthropomorphic way of writing. I am feeling the warmth and comfort in reading it.


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