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I have recently picked up the hobby of app development and have realized that it is much harder than I thought! The code input is kind of confusing and one small coding mistake can cause your ENTIRE app to crash! I mean one letter or a punctuation! I know that's just the way it works, but I think I'll need much more practice to finally get it right!

The program I have been using is Xcode, a app development application designed by Apple for developers. So far I think it is quite a cool program, just the coding part of it is extremely difficult for me at the moment! The part that I have been looking at was the "Interface Builder" that allows you to design the user interface of the app. I can tell you that it is a much easier place to be for me at the moment than the coding part!

The coding program that I have been using since grade 5 though is Scratch. It has a much more "student-friendly" interface that simplifies the coding part into puzzle like pieces that you put together, resulting in a code that creates a animation! I really like Scratch, and still use it a lot. I even used it in my recent science assignment to show my understanding in the "States of Matter". Here is the animation I created in Scratch that was handed in:
30/3/2011 10:09:17 pm


Apps development is a big challenge !
I am sure it is worthwhile to explore in it during the current holidays and the summer holiday in July/Aug period.

I look forward to a small Apps to be created by yourself !

Kees Smits
30/3/2011 10:11:06 pm

Hi Mari,

Indeed Xcode is much more advanced than scratch
I am impressed with your effort and hope you enjoy this challenge!

Yee Yee
1/4/2011 02:54:24 pm

HI Mari,

This is so cool!! But I wonder what is App development, Xcode etc etc... I like the video clip. Is there sound attached?

Enjoy your challenge :-) Talk to you soon.

Mrs B
5/4/2011 03:26:18 pm

If anyone has the tenacity to work it out Marius, you do!

I know that Scratch puts things in a nice student-friendly way, but the principles are the same, so hopefully you'll be able to transfer your knowledge over.

It makes you appreciate Angry Birds all the more eh?!

There is a programme called Alice, which is supposed to be a step up from Scratch, but easier than actual coding.

Ms Day did computer programming before she became a teacher, so maybe you could ask her for help?

13/4/2011 07:17:36 pm

Cool! I didn't even know just anyone could develop apps, I thought only professionals knew how to!
What sort of apps have you developed?

14/4/2011 10:19:08 pm

Wow marius!
your Blog is amazing it is very eye catching and i love the way you chose to lay out your blogs with a very subtle but colorful color scheme

I thought the same as kavya I thought only professionals could develop apps but obviously not!
Good luck and all the best for your blog


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