It has been a long time since I have posted something on my blog, so I decided it was about time to write a new post, so here we go...
It has come to a time where the end of yet another school year is coming close. Grade 7 has been quite a fun year for me, with many new opportunities and challenges. You might remember that I worked on some Kinetic Typography pieces a few months back. Well, just yesterday, I was helping a group of this year's Grade 6 students make their own typographies. It was really interesting to see their ideas, and also to refresh my knowledge on some typography skills as well! I have also followed a "Growing Up Digital" course this year, and learnt some new things about online safety and digital learning tools. One of them I quite like is a web tool called Tagxedo. This tool allows you to create "word clouds" that make visualizing a bunch of text easier. Give it a go!

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