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Over the past week, I have been attending an iPad exploration activity at school. We have been focusing on an app developed by Apple called "GarageBand".

GarageBand lets you play instruments such as the piano, drums and guitar. There is also a function called "smart" instruments, which is the place to be if you are not so musically inclined!

Here is the first song I created with GarageBand on the iPad:

To play an instrument, simply tap on it and a virtual version of it will show up on your screen. If you just have the feeling to tap out a beat, or want to create a new masterpiece, there is something there for you in GarageBand!

There is also a Mac version of GarageBand that is equally fun to play with! You can create a song with the pre-mixed loops, capture audio and piece it together, or learn how to play an instrument with the lessons on GarageBand! 

Whatever you like about music, GarageBand pulls it together!
Image by jtjdt
Yee yee
23/5/2011 08:18:06 am

Hi Mari,

GarageBand allows you to play your own music like a "band in the garage"... haha...i just opened the application a while ago because i have never done that since i bought my MacBook!!! Seems very interesting as you can choose to learn how to play the piano or guitar!!! I will come back to the software when i have more time.

Have a nice day!


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