The cupboard doors after we finished!
The school holidays are here, and what's a better way to start it than varnishing your cupboard? It may sound kind of boring, but it is actually quite fun and simple! Today, this is how I spent the morning with my dad.

First is to unscrew the doors from the hinges. Remember the saying: "Right-y tight-y, Left-y loose-y!" Then, lay out lots of newspapers. I mean lots! Because remember, we are varnishing the doors, not the floor! Then open up the varnish can and "paint" away! But make sure you are trying to get rid of as much dust and air bubbles as possible! It would look really bad if you had dust and air bubbles all "frozen" into your door!

Just one final note: Don't try this with no proper supervision from an adult! Also, make sure you are careful when you are doing this as the varnish could get all over your clothes, floor and walls!
29/3/2011 02:15:59 pm


I am glad the doors are varnished and there after be re-installed as they could not be closed tightly for some weeks already. I was waiting papa to come home to fix them up ...

Yee yee
29/3/2011 08:29:53 pm

Hello Mari,

What a good way to start your school holiday! So you learnt a new skill and the wardrobe doors must look brand new right?

Great job! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Talk to you soon :-)


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