I feel that plagiarism is a growing problem as the capability of technology is constantly expanding. There is nothing more frustrating to a blogger than to have his or her post stolen without any references to them. It is as annoying as having your homework stolen in primary school. It would be a real shame if everyone didn't share their work on the web anymore, fearing it will be stolen.
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Even you can put a stop to this growing issue on the internet. Using Creative Commons is an solution to safeguard your work, while still allowing others to use it with the conditions you set. It is also a way to find images and other resources that are properly licensed for use. Even organizations such as Wikipedia use Creative Commons for licensing!

With all these things in mind, be free to express yourself online, just make sure you are doing it properly!

22/3/2011 07:26:49 pm

I think your blog is really cool. I also like the colour sheme. I do agree with you. Plagiarism is a big problem in the modern world and we SHOULD put a stop to it!

27/3/2011 11:40:45 am


I have learned a new word, Plagiarism.

Thank you.

Keep up the good spirit of updating your blog !

Yee Yee
28/3/2011 07:33:36 am

G'day Mari!

Did you choose the things or topics like plagiarism, you like to put on your blog? Indeed there is so much "copying" going around....i can't imagine people stop putting information on the web....

Good job in your blog and catch you later :-)


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