Recently, I have been attending a lot of rehearsals, gearing up for the Chinese drama production put up by my chinese enrichment school I go to every week. Here is the description of the performance in both Chinese and English;
每年,我的华文学校:“爱的伯乐领袖学院” 会举行一场大汇演《勇敢大舞台》。今年大汇演的题目是《寻唐记》。




Every year, my Chinese enrichment school puts on a big stage performance to give all students the opportunity to perform. This year's performance was called "A Step To The Past". The performance happened on the 9th and 10th of April.

The character I acted as was one of the many emperors of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Xuan Zong.

The story of "A Step To The Past" goes like this; 4 students were going to school one day and got struck by a mysterious lightning bolt that teleported them to the Tang Dynasty! One of the four was scared of everything, another didn't listen to to his teacher's and parent's advice. Another was very much of a show-off and the fourth one was the school bully. They met a lot of famous people from the Tang Dynasty, such as the poet Li Bai, the emporer's wife Yang Gui Fei, the emporer Tang Xuan Zong, and the emporer's son Li Xuan. They also got to see many interesting things, such as a classic ancient dance, an ancient chinese instrument performance and the gigantic chinese drums! Later that day, they also met a bad person who beat them up. Luckily, the good people helped them and chased the bad guy away.

After a while, all the students started missing home. Just at that moment, they heard the rumble of thunder and lighting once again and hid under a tree. The lighting bolt came back, and teleported them back to the present. From that day on, all four became good kids!

Mrs B
16/4/2011 10:07:23 pm

Aha! The first G6 student to go bilingual on a blog. Nice work!

It sounds like a very complex, yet compelling storyline, which I'm sure taught you as much about the culture as it did about the language you were learning.

I almost didn't recognise you in the picture!

Yee yee
17/4/2011 08:04:28 am

Good morning,

The performance sounds very interesting and a big one!! you were the emperor!!! Did you have many lines to remember? So it's over finally. Enjoy another week at school :-)

Perhaps you can email me a few of your photos your MAJESTY!!!

Kees Smits
18/4/2011 03:41:20 am

Mari, I admire your courage on stage!
After so much practice the result was very worth while.
I really enjoyed the performance which is well presented in your blog.

18/4/2011 07:25:14 pm

Hey, it is really heart warming to receive the responses of the regular vistiors to your blog !

So our idea to share the important activity during the last school holidays paid off !

Yee yee
21/4/2011 07:21:03 am

I saw the photos and you looked like an emperor for sure! Golden rope and the head gear or it should be called the crown right?

Nice job, keep it up :-)


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