Last Friday, we explored a new kind of poetry in class: Newspaper Black-out Poetry. This is where we used an online newspaper article to create Found Poetry, which is creating a short poem from a piece of writing, such as a poster or magazine. I think that this was quite a fun task to do, as we got to enforce our knowledge of Found Poetry into a new concept! Here is my first try at Newspaper Black-out Poetry:
To do this, we used an application called "Brushes". It allows you to create many styles of paintings and strokes digitally! How we made this piece was by taking a screenshot of an online newspaper article and importing it into Brushes. Then, we used black "markers" to circle the words we wanted and colour out all the words that we didn't want. It's simple and fun to do as well!
Yee yee
6/5/2011 01:06:56 pm

This is interesting poetry indeed! It's not an easy task because the existing words and sentence structure may not flow. You made a great attempt in this poem.

I gathered it has something to do with "Domino" and their consumers were unhappy with it. So the company was honest and managed to turn the customers around.... I am not sure if I get the picture right.

"Domino" is a takeaway pizza here in Australia... haha fancy having one?

Enjoy the polling day in Singapore,
yee yee

Kees Smits
7/5/2011 03:08:59 pm

Hi Mari,

I had not seen this kind of poem before. It must be very difficult to make a poem when you can not freely choose your words and at the same time have to make the poem look balanced as a picture, quite a challenge!


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