Today, I looked at a new app created for the iPad called "Puppet Pals HD". This app lets you create a digital puppet show. It is really fun and simple to do, and your show comes out really cool! Here's the one I made today:
You can add audio and different effects to create an engaging show to share. To use all the features, you need to buy the "director's pass", but it is equally fun to do without the pass. You can cut characters out of the web (making sure you state your sources) and use them in your show. Same thing goes for backdrops. Puppet Pals runs on iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads, and is really quick, yet looks like a real puppet show!


Kees Smits
30/05/2011 7:45pm

Hi Mari,
I love your animation, but the big guy does not really look creepy....
He sound kind of gentle, maybe the other two can join him if the would know each other better!

Yee yee
31/05/2011 3:56pm

Hi Mari,

That's your voice right? So it's a one-man show yea :-) You are getting very creative these days... Great job and I look forward to seeing your new creations soon.

23/06/2011 5:53pm

I've made a Puppet Pals video before. Except I used Cowboys and I made them quarell over this girl. Eventually it led to a gun fight....


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