In this blog, I will be posting things about school, my hobbies and other things that are happening. Below is a mind map showing my ideas of what I will post about.
Yee yee
17/3/2011 07:50:47 am

Hi Mari,

This is interesting! I haven't blog before....thru' this blog i can "formally" get to know you better. Hope you get to see this comment. Have a nice day!

Mrs B
17/3/2011 01:43:43 pm

Hey Marius,

I love the detail you have put into your mind map. It was fabulous to have for me to use as an example to show the other students.

I am very much looking forward to seeing your blog unfold in the coming weeks.

Fabulous work!

Kees Smits
17/3/2011 08:18:56 pm

Hi Marius,

Nice graph on your blog!

17/3/2011 08:39:59 pm

Hi Mari,

I am impressed with your mind map and eagerly looking forward the upcoming postings....


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